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It takes a long time to make a cue, why can’t you do it faster?

I’m not looking for the fastest way, just the best way. I don’t cut corners and if it’s not perfect, I don’t let it out of the shop. My name and reputation are very important to me. Building a custom cue the way I do is very personal. Every cue I make goes through the same time proven steps. Quality cannot be rushed.

When did you start making cues?

I started making cues in 1992. Prior to making cues I spent much of my time in pool halls. I played on the Florida Tour in the 80’s but now I spend most of my time making cues, however I do play in two local leagues because I still love to play the game.

Have you thought about trying to produce more cues each year?

Yes, but I won’t compromise quality for quantity.Every cue I produce must be perfect in my eyes or I simply won't sell it. I also stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of every cue I've ever made.

What would you say your style of cue is?

I like cues from the 60’s and 70’s and probably make a cue that reflects some of those classic traditional designs.

Players tell me they like the way a NITTI cue plays. What make them hit so well?

First and most importantly I am a life-long pool player and I know how a good cue should play. Just because a cue is solid does not mean it plays well. A broomstick is solid.The taper of my shaft and techniques used in the construction of the butt along with the right materials, all come together for the perfectly balanced cue that will feel like a part of you when you play.

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